Welcome to Healing Harvest, leading the path to “cutting edge” natural healing research and education.

Pure Passion…
For Truth.

For Holistic Health Freedom.

For Natural Food that Nourishes the Body and Satisfies the Soul.

For Relentless Research in the exciting fields of Peak Brain Performance, Mitochondrial Biophysics, Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, and much more.

Natural Health Education

  • A growing number of uniquely cultivated Healing Harvest Coaching programs to choose from
  • Equipping each person to find their unique “Healing Harvest” according to their individual needs
  • Individual or Family Health Education Coaching, uniquely customized per client or family
  • Serving Clients locally in Florida and remotely elsewhere
  • Education for Health Restoration
  • Educating children through adults of any age
  • Cutting-Edge Research, Health Science, and Technology

Classes and Lectures

  • Workshops- Participatory Learning
  • Private or Public Lectures (via corporate lunch & learns, church groups, small groups, home “health” parties, etc.)
  • Tasting Classes

Natural and Sustainable Living

  • Various Topical Publications
  • Original Healing Harvest Recipes
  • Raw and Natural Food Planning and Preparation
  • Kitchen Organization (maximize your time by having a well-functioning organized kitchen, making places for items that will encourage your wellness journey)
  • Organic Gardening (Hydro/Aeroponics, Soil, Permanent Agriculture, Food Forest, Composting, etc.)

Kathryn van Zwieten
Executive Director
Healing Harvest, L.L.C.

“Helping make the transition to natural eating and a healthy lifestyle an easy one for you and your family…”
~Kathryn van Zwieten