Gluten Free Meat Sources

Healing Harvest respects that each individual is uniquely fashioned.  We are committed to help each person find the best quality, most sustainable, natural, healing, and local foods the earth has to offer.  Regardless of our own principles and eating requirements, we first and foremost want to make sure hidden sources of allergens are avoided by education, and thus this page exists.  We are advocates of a diet high in raw organic produce and natural foods that were graciously gifted to the earth from love.  However, should someone choose to eat animal products, we offer this; Please know thy farmer, how the animals are raised, and what they are fed.  We have witnessed many of folks transition to a diet greatly reduced in animal products, or even go vegan with great success.  We supply the stellar scientific research, you supply free will and observations.  Let us support our local farmers, so long as they have the freedom to provide us with nourishment for our bodies, minds, and souls.


White Oak Pastures  229-641-2081  100% Pasture raised beef Found in Wholefoods behind the meat counter.  Also sold in some Publix supermarkets.  Can order online as well

Central FL Farms Inc.  407-656-9762 Grassfed Buffalo 532 N Blumford Avenue, Ocoee, FL 34761

Deep Roots Meat 850-948-6202 Grassfed Beef  11061 W US 90, Greenville, Florida 32331  Check website for local areas to purchase.  Also can purchase through Heart of Christmas Farms and Home Grown Co-op (see Organic Produce page)

The Dam Ranch
 941-685-2516 1365 Dam Road, Bradenton, FL 34212 Co-op offering various meats, dairy, eggs. Bradenton, FL Grassfed and grass finished. Great prices!

US Wellness Meats 877-383-0051 Variety of high quality meats, mail order.  $$  204 E. Lafayette Street, P.O. Box 9, Monticello, MO 63457

Other helpful information for gluten or soy allergic folks (and considering possible cross crop contamination):

Deep Creek Ranch in Deland, FL  Though pasture raised, may be fed orange pulp, soy bean hulls, and cottonseed meal if needing supplementation during winter, etc.

Laura’s Beef — Nationwide in grocery stores.  Grassfed but supplemented with a variety of alfalfa hay, cottonseed meal, corn silage, oats and soybean meal.

White Oak Pastures (Sells to Wholefoods and Publix)  Chicken (both egg laying hens and meat producing) are fed wheat, soy, and corn.


*Disclaimer: Healing Harvest LLC does not endorse the following companies, but at time of publishing the page (July 2013), these farms were practicing gluten free and/or natural farming methods according to correspondence with the farmers.  We recommend you contact the company directly to make further inquiries about present farming practices, as they can change from season to time.  If you are trying to avoid cross contamination following a Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free diet or are following the GARD Diet, this may be helpful information for you!