Eco Farming

We help support your endeavor to create natural homegrown growing systems, designed for your unique space and needs. From container gardening, aeroponic/hydroponic systems, raised beds, and dirt farming- we have done it all.



As intentionality starts unraveling deeper layers of consciousness, coaching may assist in uncovering parts of you that may be buried, have been missing for some time, or help you connect to a part of you that is just starting to bloom.


Neuroscience Support

The brain and nervous system are our ultimate operating system. We explore this constantly evolving field to bring the latest studies and findings to our clients, as well as integrate habits of mindfulness to enhance inner peace and calm while bolstering memory and performance.



Our journey in research began in the early 1990's, in the field of environmental cellular biology. The scientific method, which is tried and true, is not biased, bought or corrupt. It is a basic human right, a tool to discover evolving truths. Science-based evidence must be sifted through the filter of integrity.



As a Certified Raw Food Chef and an experienced Creative Chef, I help you upgrade your favorite flavors in creative ways based on your food preferences.


Alternative Modalities

Both Ancient Treatments (such as acupuncture and massage therapy) and exciting modern advancements are important potential paths to compliment the highest health potential. We provide information on what exists.   


Get Focused. Get Intentional. Your future awaits.