Our coaching business has grown exclusively from your referrals, both locally and with an increasing number of out-of-state clients. We are now available for International Coaching. Thank You!

If you are a Physician inquiring about services for patients, they will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as our schedule allows.

Kathryn is available for Skype and/or phone consultations for those living long distance.

Healing Harvest YOUnique Series Coaching Packages 2020

Natural Health & Wellness

Are you looking for that next step in your wellness? Healing Harvest Coaching provides World Class Research and is information packed, giving you plenty of food for thought.  
Healing Harvest Natural Health and Wellness Coaching helps provide:

~ Comprehensive Education
~ Targeted Coaching
~ Increased Positive Behavior Plan
~ Optimal Health Potential
~ Preventative and Intentional Wellness Actions
~ Investigative Health History
~ Increased Self-Intuition
~ Support in your Wellness Journey
~ Choose Your Own Focus Tracks (Program tailored to Client(s) Needs)

Discover your Healing Harvest  
One Hour Initial Consultation
Four 30 minute Coaching Sessions 

$75 (Returning Natural Health & Wellness Clients Only)
Four 15 minute Follow Up Coaching Sessions

One Hour a la cart

Other services are available when appropriate for Health Care Providers or Clients.

Peak Performance 

Are you looking to rise to your Peak Performance at work, at home, or in your craft? It all starts in your Beautiful Brain. This is the Ultimate Coaching Package in mindfulness and intention.  
Healing Harvest Peak Performance Coaching can promote progress in the following areas: 

 Increased Highest Human Potential
 Mental Clarity
~ Optimal Brain Chemistry
~ Exploration of Evidence-Based Science
~ Identification of Roadblocks
~ Expansive Mindset
~ Leveraging the Power of Focus
~ Doing Your Destiny
~ Choose Your Own Focus Tracks (Program tailored to Client(s) Needs)

Six 30 minute Coaching Sessions

$75 (Returning Peak Performance Clients Only)
Four 15 minute Follow Up Coaching Sessions

Relaxed Relocation (for you and your significant other)

Are you moving, relocating, or going through a big life change?
Let Healing Harvest Relaxed Relo Coaching allow you to invest in yourself during this season. Coaching with Peaceful Transitions can help you (and your family) to:

~ Reduce Anxiety Levels
~ Reduce Stress and Tension
~ Strengthen Relationships 
~ Live Intentionally
~ Focus on Healthy Habits
~ Identify Next Steps
~ Transition with Ease, Giving you More Energy
~ Embrace Positive Opportunities
~ Choose Your Own Focus Tracks (Program tailored to Client(s) Needs)

Six 30 minute Coaching Sessions

$75 (Returning Peaceful Transitions Clients Only)
Four 15 minute Follow Up Coaching Sessions

Holistic Woman

They say that women do it all, because… they do. In our modern culture, there are more stresses and pressures on the woman than in any other generation. If that’s not enough, science now shows us that cells hold memories, perhaps going back generations. Whether you are a business woman working outside the home, or busy running a household full (quite the business enterprise) or any combination, Healing Harvest Holistic Woman Coaching may assist you in the following areas:

~ Finding Your Balance
~ Restoration (Body, Mind, & Soul)
~ Releasing Past Trauma
~ Reviving Relationships
~ Guiding Intuition 
~ Clear Your Mind Clutter
~ Organization
~ Rediscover Yourself
~ Discover Your Destiny

Six 30 minute Coaching Sessions

$75 (Returning Holistic Woman Sessions Only)
Four 15 minute Coaching Sessions

“You have the best educational program I have ever seen, even from MD’s or ND’s.”  –Coaching and Health Education Client, Washington D.C.

“Thank You for being part of our To Your Health Thursdays event.  The women who joined you had great feedback.” – Emily Ruff, Director- Florida School of Holistic Living, Orlando, Florida

“I have about 400% more energy today than I’ve had in forever.  As much as I dread thinking about all the changes required, the boost in energy more than motivates.”  -Client recovering from thyroid cancer


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