Product Review- Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal

If you are like me, you’ve tried dozens of kinds of naturally crafted deodorants hoping to find an acceptable product. Some brands don’t seem to work so well and others may leave you smelling more like pet urine!  Or you find something you love, and then realize that it has something you are allergic to hidden in it.  But recently I came across a (new to me) brand while grocery shopping (at Publix of all places!).

I am delighted that the company that produces this product is a local one, located in Pompano Beach, FL.  I tried both the mineral stick variety (the stick seems like it might last a lifetime, and you need to wet the top each time you use it- it’s my backup right now).  The benefit of that is you are not paying for liquid transport in shipping, as you add your own water, and it seems to last quite some time.

But my favorite from this brand (so far) is the Roll-On deodorant from Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal.

Aluminum free
Fragrance free
Paraben free
Propylene Glycol free
100% pure & natural
Wheat & Gluten free
Cruelty free

It goes on smooth and smells fresh.  Natural mineral salts are certainly my favorite way to keep smelling fresh.  Of course you really need to work on internal detox for these natural products to do their jobs efficiently.  But don’t be fooled!

I have had some close friends insist that since they eat naturally and don’t eat meat, etc., that that do not smell and they do not wear deodorant.  And actually, only the latter of those sentiments is true.  😉  (Dude, please use something!)  I have even known some chicks to hold their own in this area, taking “natural” to a whole new level. Even with using a natural deodorant product, I promise that those powerful attracting pheromones won’t get lost.

The website states this product is available at several chain stores (including Vitamin Shoppe), or you may order online or by phone.

The company:
TCCD International
Pompano Beach, FL  33061
Made in USA

If you have a favorite natural deodorant (or make a homemade concoction), please comment below!

Happy smelling with this Healing Harvest Favorited product!


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