Living the Green Dream!

I Had a Dream…

…That finding fresh food wouldn’t be as difficult as it seemed.
…That one day my black thumb would turn green.

…That I could choose and know for sure without a doubt,
What I was eating was really void of any GMO, even from a tiny sprout.

…That guessing whether produce was gassed after organic inspection,
Or if a package of lettuce would give me or my child an E. Coli infection…
That those things would become obsolete.
Yes, I had a dream that growing my own food would be rather sweet.

I Had a Dream…

…To teach my children to garden and live from the earth.
…To teach others so generations will know sustainability from birth.

…That the nature we are gifted would be treated with respect.
…That we would not leave others to deal with our earthly defect.
…To open my door and see beauty and green, And eating could never be more delicious or clean.
…To pick food when needed, no need to store, At its peak in flavor, with nutrients galore.

…To learn to garden in season with the earth’s rhythms in mind.
…To create a permaculture system with elements that are easy to find,
And then return them to the earth just as easy as they came.
…To live a life that will never be the same.

…To learn what likes to grow in my particular climate.
…To not have to be a slave to an ingredient or where to find it.
…To learn to use what I have and grow what I need.
…To remember it is with every bite our cells do feed.

And Though…

…There is still much work to be done in our world community,
I know that these changes must start with me.
…I made mistakes along the way and some of them unpleasant,
Life teaches us lessons, until glimpses of our destiny are revealed in the present.

And Now…

…I am living my Green Dream.

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