Our Mission

At Healing Harvest, we realize life itself is so full.  Trying to decipher all of the information and misinformation about natural health can be overwhelming.  When there are jobs and family to deal with, it further complicates the process.  We want to honor your time and efforts with our unique and individualized approach, equipping you with valuable skills and invaluable education.

We strive to create individual health coaching and health education with the most comprehensive and carefully researched cutting edge information that exists.  This is accomplished through healthy bite sized increments, being careful not to overwhelm.  Many of our clients are exceptionally educated coming from some of the finest allopathic and naturopathic physician offices around, searching for the missing link.  Our clients and lecture attendees have included nurses, midwives, professional chefs, businessmen, missionaries, doulas, IT professionals, athletes, raw foodists, moms, and many other walks of life from infant to the young at heart.  Illness and disease are not respecters of men, so we must educate the man to respect illness and disease in relation to nature.

We 100% guarantee to educate you.  If at the end of our first consultation, you are not satisfied or we feel we cannot be of assistance to you in your health journey, then there is no charge.  However, our client feedback so far paints a vivid picture of learning far more than expected.

Whether you are looking for classes, coaching, or any number of our growing services, we are happy to assist you in your wellness path.  You will likely find our business model as unique as you are. 

“Let my knowledge, creativity and passion be your springboard to health goal success.  Together, we will discover your Healing Harvest.”
Kathryn van Zwieten, aka Chef Svana