Welcome to Healing Harvest, leading the path to “cutting edge” natural healing research, education & technology.


We Exude Pure Passion…

For Truth

For Holistic Health Freedom

For Natural Food that Nourishes the Body and Satisfies the Soul

For Exciting Evidence-Based Health Research in the areas of Optimal Brain Performance, Epigentics, Neutrigenomics, Mitochondrial Biophysics, and much more. 


We specialize in:

Natural Health Education

  • A growing platform of Healing Harvest Coaching Services, intertwining the best of Individualized Health Coaching & Neuro-Linguistic Performance based Life Coaching
  • Equipping each person to find their unique “Healing Harvest” according to their individual needs
  • Individual or Family Health Education Coaching, uniquely customized per client or family
  • Serving Clients locally throughout Florida and remotely elsewhere
  • Health Restoration via Healthy Habits
  • Educating children through adults of any age
  • Cutting Edge Research and Health Science

Classes and Lectures

  • Workshops
  • Private or Public Lectures (via corporate lunch & learns, church groups, small groups, home “health” parties, etc.)
  • Customized Home Health Parties (Any health or food topic- choose from a list ~provided upon request~ or create your own topic)
  • Tasting Classes

Natural and Sustainable Living

  • Various Topical Publications
  • Original Healing Harvest Recipes
  • Raw Food Nutrition and Preparation
  • Kitchen Organization (maximize your time by having a well-functioning organized kitchen, making places for items that will encourage your wellness journey)  
  • Organic Gardening (Hydro/Aeroponics, Soil/Dirt Farming, Permaculture, Food Forest, Composting, and more)

Community Services

  • School Education (Elementary-Teens, Staff, Teachers, Parents, Homeschool Groups, etc.)
  • Helping schools and private programs locate affordable, healthy foods
  • Raw and/or Natural Chef Education Training
  • Natural Health Career Exploration Consultations
  • Personal Chef Services (We work with you based on your needs and food preferences)

Kathryn van Zwieten
Executive Director
Healing Harvest, L.L.C.

“Helping make the transition to natural eating and a healthy lifestyle an easy one for you and your family…”
~Kathryn van Zwieten