About Us

Welcome to Healing Harvest, leading the path to “cutting edge” natural healing research and education.


Pure Passion…

For Truth

For Holistic Health Freedom

For Natural Food that Nourishes the Body and Satisfies the Soul


We specialize in:

Natural Health Education

  • Equipping each person to find their unique “Healing Harvest” according to their individual needs
  • Individual or Family Health Education Consultations, uniquely customized per client or family
  • Serving Clients in Central Florida and around the US
  • Healing Harvest Journey to Health – Education Program (a series of 12 consultations, with the first and last session free; for groups, individual, or family)  A life changing experience!
  • Allergies and Gluten Free Living (beginning to advanced cases)
  • Healthy Hormones
  • Raw Food Science
  • Juicing and Detox
  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • Weight Loss
  • Regaining Energy
  • Health Restoration
  • Educating children through adults of any age
  • Cutting Edge Research and Health Science

Classes and Lectures

  • Workshops
  • Private or Public Lectures (via corporate lunch & learns, church groups, small groups, home “health” parties, etc.)
  • Customized Home Health Parties (Any health or food topic- choose from a list or create your own topic)
  • Tasting Classes

Natural and Sustainable Living

  • Various Topical Publications
  • Original Healing Harvest Recipes
  • Raw Food Nutrition and Preparation
  • Kitchen Organization (maximize your time by having a well-functioning organized kitchen, making places for items that will encourage your wellness journey)  
  • Organic Gardening (Hydroponics, Soil, Permaculture)

Community Services

  • School Education (Teens, Staff, Teachers, Parents)
  • Helping schools and private programs locate affordable, healthy foods
  • Raw Chef Education Training (Coming Soon: Natural Living and Healing Chef Certification Program through BodyMind Institute)
  • Natural Health Career Exploration Consultations
  • Personal Chef Services (We work with you based on your needs and food preferences)

Kathryn van Zwieten
Executive Director
Healing Harvest, L.L.C.

“Helping make the transition to natural eating and a healthy lifestyle an easy one for you and your family…”
~Kathryn van Zwieten- aka Chef Svana