Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

Recently, a mother-load of Legos came into the house. All the standard colors, some even with unique circuits and tracks. The kids were in awe of Dad’s old Legos, perfectly kept for decades. These were quickly integrated with their own personal collections. You can feel good about recycling just about anything these days, as well as preserving family traditions. To ‘spark joy’ while doing so is an added bonus.

Would You Like One Lego Lump, or Two…

In an unexpected twist, Legos are now transitioning to plant-based plastic that is sourced from sugarcane husks and sustainable resources, and that’s a game changer! As an avid researcher and parent, I am always concerned about the degradation of petroleum-based plastics and the potential health and planet consequences.

Lego began rolling out its botanical based polyethylene products in 2018, and for now features botanical plant-like looking Legos, such as leaves, bushes, grasses, etc. Though this bio-based line currently represents just a small percentage of total Legos produced, the heat is on to find a sustainable source for all products. Testing remains ongoing for how to best create these naturally based building blocks for the future.

Green Innovation

Leading the manufacturing world in change for environmental responsibility, here are some current green operating integrations by The Lego Group:

Wind Power
Renewable Energy  
Sustainable Alternatives
Bio-based Plastics

Don’t Lego Of The Great Goals

In addition to the integration of green innovations, Lego aims to find sustainable materials for all core products by the year 2030. Along with not compromising in quality, Lego has its future sights on Zero Waste. The saving of our planet begins with great ideas and giant leaps in company standards. Lego is leading the way to a greener tomorrow.   


About the Author

Kathryn van Zwieten

Kathryn van Zwieten is a Natural Health & Life Coach, Researcher, Lecturer, Author, Creative Chef, and Executive Director of Healing Harvest, L.L.C. Known as a visionary and entrepreneur, Kathryn fuses her high creativity and passion to bring the education of natural and restorative healing to many.  She inspires others to live a healthy lifestyle, by having learned from her own miraculous healings and those of her children, as she shares the latest scientific truths and giftedly guides others to fill in missing gaps in their own health journey. Helping others achieve their ‘highest human potential’ is her mission. Her favorite question is, “What is humanly possible?”- because she is ready to trail blaze to find out. 

Kathryn’s most passionate areas of interest include human brain development beginning in the womb, biological pathway communication (cellular and relational), mitochondrial restoration, the gut/brain axis connection,
epigenetics/nutrigenomics, genetic SNPs, consciousness and quantum physics.   

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