Changing Lives One Whole Smile at a Time: diet & dental

Dr. Long insists that the jaw needs to be exercised with the proper movements and pressure provided from chewing nutritious foods. When a child does not obtain proper nutrients and fiber, not only can jaw shape and size be adversely affected, but this can lead to mental challenges such as not sleeping well and/or ADHD.

Eight Ways for Parents to Reduce Stress

When our children are troubled, their pain weighs heavy on a parent’s heart. We’re easily overwhelmed. The issues our children face can vary: questioning their faith, experimenting with alcohol or drugs, mental health issues, self-injury, gender identity confusion, etc. Questions plague us. How can we fix them? What will others think? Why did this happen and what’s going to happen next?

First Of Publix GreenWise Markets Opens in Tallahassee, Florida

Publix supermarket fans from the south are well acquainted with the company’s signature brand of natural products, known as GreenWise, offering quality goods and competitive prices. The state capitol is proud to boast the first EVER GreenWise Market, piloting the first of many to come.

Build Your Best Gut Wall Against Glyphosate, Gluten, and Daily Environment

What is glyphosate? Glyphosate is a chemical compound which is used for broad-spectrum herbicide application, used routinely with genetically modified crops. The crops are programmed to survive the herbicide, killing only the weeds around it after treatment with the liquid toxin. If that is…

Breaking Up With Sugar- And Survival Tips for Kicking It

I Love YouSugar was the love of my life. After all, I was introduced and hooked at a very early age. In fact, we could even call our relationship a pre-arranged marriage because the fondness with my family goes waaaay back. Growing up, desserts…